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This website is an online video educational library, family friendly, and fun place for children all the way up to adult to enjoy safely. This means that unwanted or inappropriate videos will not be shown or pop-up. ​​​​I have created this website to help monitor and implement clean, safe, productive, and educational information available for all members to enjoy. researches "shared" internet video content possessing educational value that is deemed worthy of smartbrary entry. Smartbrary is very discriminate in determining what is deemed safe, educational, and helps to build a strong positive support structure. Smartbrary was created to help provide an environment free of inappropriate content. This site caters to good people desiring good help.

​​ will not post videos that are elicit, vulgar, sexually explicit/charged, or any other type of video which disturbs the theme of this website.

​ will continually expand its research to help support everyone's educational growth.
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Actor ​Steve Carrel & The Word "VOTE"
This section includes a carefully selected collection of good, safe, and educational fun videos for your children to enjoy. Press "Play" to view the sample video: "VOTE" includes a collection of educational videos specifically geared toward teachers educating students and classroom support. Press "Play" and view: How Technology Is Transforming Education.
Sir Ken Robinson:
​Technology & Education educational video support collection has been carefully selected to help promote positive social and academic growth in children and families. Press "Play" and view the video "Job Interview Tips".
​Job Interview Tips
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